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Born in 1926, I am now a time ripened 76. Misspent my first 23 years in a state of total confusion but had the good sense to marry Irv, (my dear loving husband of 53 years) took the test for Cooper Union and got in.. A wonderful year despite the pain of being surrounded by high school grads all of whom were more skilled . Got straight A’s , but had to drop out after first year because Irv’s instructor salary at CCNY wasn’t enough to support our home building ambitions. Moved to Rockland County, worked as art therapist in 2 different institutions, had 3 children, in 3 years and while driving our VW bug to lull the babies to sleep, passed a sign that said Pottery, turned in, met Karen Karnes, signed up for a once a week night class and was hooked for life.
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